What you will learn 🧠

Validation Process

Master the process of verifying your assumptions by turning them into measurable experiments. The market needs to engage with your idea as fast as possible. It's that simple.

No-Code Tools

Speed to market is still important as ever. Spend your time on testing and learning, not on building the best looking MVP. That's why we'll show you a set of drag & drop tools.

Building in Public

Learn how to get feedback directly from customers before your solution has officially launched. Use live data instead of assumptions to build or improve your product/service.

Who is this course for 🧐

Innovation Manager

Speed up your innovation efforts. Say goodbye to long development cycles and start building in public from day one. Start experimenting & capture real-world evidence to strengthen the business case of your next idea.

Startup Founder

Did you find the right solution for your customer's problem? Are you looking for next growth engine? Go beyond hustling and build your first MVP. Take some big leaps towards your next feature, product or even market.

Product Owner

Not sure of this fancy feature is really necessary? Struggling to align your team and come to clear decisions? Stop guessing and start making evidence based decisions. Run experiments to validate your product roadmap.

Sneak Peek 👀